ICT in Everyday Learning: A Toolkit for Teachers

The ICT in Everyday Learning: A Toolkit for Teachers  project was funded by the Australian Government under the Digital Strategy for Teachers and School Leaders  and was a component of the Digital Education Revolution program. The project was led by Education Services Australia (ESA).

The project aimed to change classroom practice by increasing teachers' capacity to incorporate technologies into teaching and learning as they implement the Australian Curriculum. The resources developed through the project are assisting teachers to access online professional learning with local support to analyse, plan and implement changes to their teaching approaches and to access quality online resources.

The Victorian Information Technology Teachers Association, the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers, the History Teachers' Association of Australia, Deakin University and Macquarie University worked with ESA to develop and deliver the professional learning resources.

The project resources include examples of how teachers can incorporate technologies into the teaching of English, history, science and mathematics and examples of cross-curriculum perspectives and general capabilities. The resources also include advice and strategies for using digital content, mobile devices, collaboration tools, game-based technologies and communication tools.

The 112 teacher support digital resources were trialled in a range of schools. The resources are accessible to all teachers through Scootleand jurisdiction portals.