About the RAP

As a national education services provider, ESA recognises our responsibility to work for national progress in reconciliation. We are proud to join more than 1000 organisations across Australia in developing a RAP in partnership with Reconciliation Australia.

Reconciliation involves building stronger relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and non-Indigenous peoples, to benefit all Australians. Our Reflect RAP is an acknowledgement of our commitment to be active in this space.

ESA is committed to working towards reconciliation by building relationships both internally and externally, and raising awareness with our stakeholders to ensure there is a shared understanding and ownership of our RAP within the company. We are committed to fostering respect, finding opportunities for reconciliation, and embedding reconciliation into our governance. We also continue to share and celebrate the positive groundswell of actions and attitudes that foster mutual understanding, respect and collaboration throughout Australia.


RAP artwork and design


The RAP’s cover artwork is titled ‘Growing and learning’. It represents the journey of growth, and working together to co-create the future of education. By embedding culture and implementing reconciliation at the core of what we do, ESA will help to empower education, communities and future generations. This central theme is carried through from the cover image to design elements that echo it throughout the RAP.



Education Services Australia RAP Artwork



Cover artist Keisha Leon is an Aboriginal graphic designer and digital artist. She is a proud Waanyi-Kalkadoon (Mount Isa, Queensland) and Chinese woman. Keisha has created a visual story that is driven by culture and the modern world, connecting people, and helping create the narrative for the future.

RAP Working Group


The ESA RAP Working Group includes:

  • Cathy Danaher, Stakeholder and Partnerships Coordinator, myfuture
  • Emma Durbridge, Project Manager, Digital Teaching and Learning
  • Kirsty Elliott, Senior Editor
  • Maureen Gustus, Project Manager, Digital Teaching and Learning
  • Caroline Hartley, Manager, SCIS
  • Stuart Mitchell, General Manager, Platforms
  • Mary Munro, General Manager, People and Culture
  • Liz Pearse, Senior Policy Officer, Corporate Services
  • Bruce Rigby, Program Director, NSIP
  • Fiona Seers, Human Resources Manager
  • Jill Wilson, Content/Resource Manager
  • Daniel Czech, SCIS Marketing and Communications Specialist
  • Kathryn Yate, Administration Officer, CEO Office 

Reconciliation Resources


  • Narragunnawali

    Narragunnawali supports schools and early learning services in Australia to develop environments that foster a high level of knowledge and pride in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, cultures and contributions.

Endeavour 250

  • Endeavour 250

    The arrival of Europeans in Australia 250 years ago changed the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples forever. ESA has created resources to give students a more comprehensive understanding of how the arrival of the Endeavour truly impacted Australia.

Early Childhood Resource Hub

Online learning for early years educators that supports understandings of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and people.

Student Wellbeing Hub

Supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and their teachers.


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