Kids Under Cover

Kids Under Cover is a Victoria-based organisation that provides at-risk young people with alternative accommodation, educational and financial support to help them stay connected to their families and community.

Their work is simple, unique and effective. They build homes for homeless and at-risk young people, provide scholarships for education or job training, and offer mentorship to empower young people to achieve their goals. In doing this, they seek to keep families together, and to keep young people engaged in education and connected with their community.

Education Services Australia is highly supportive of the work that Kids Under Cover does to keep young people at risk engaged with their education. A committee of volunteers from ESA coordinates participation and fundraising events for Kids Under Cover.

The committee continually seeks ways for ESA to raise money to achieve specific objectives.

Whistleblower Policy

ESA is committed to operating legally (in accordance with applicable legislation and regulation), properly (in accordance with ESA policy and procedures), and ethically (in accordance with recognised ethical principles) and to identifying and responding to illegal, improper or unethical conduct (improper conduct), and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

To support this commitment and promote an open working environment, ESA encourages employees to raise concerns about any known or suspected improper conduct within ESA and provides the processes outlined in this Policy to confidentially raise serious concerns without fear of reprisal, dismissal or discriminatory treatment. Prompt and appropriate action will be taken to investigate each report received to ensure improper conduct is detected and addressed appropriately.

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Environmental Responsibility

ESA is committed to implementing policies and practices to minimise its environmental impact.

Since 2011, ESA has received carbon neutral status through its Climate Active Network Membership. Each year, ESA publishes an Environment Report to show our commitment to supporting environmental sustainability. Climate Active Network Member logo 

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