Kids Under Cover

Kids Under Cover is a Victoria-based organisation that provides at-risk young people with alternative accommodation, educational and financial support to help them stay connected to their families and community.

Their work is simple, unique and effective. They build homes for homeless and at-risk young people, provide scholarships for education or job training, and offer mentorship to empower young people to achieve their goals. In doing this, they seek to keep families together, and to keep young people engaged in education and connected with their community.

Education Services Australia is highly supportive of the work that Kids Under Cover does to keep young people at risk engaged with their education. A committee of volunteers from ESA coordinates participation and fundraising events for Kids Under Cover.

The committee continually seeks ways for ESA to raise money to achieve specific objectives.

Environmental report

ESA seeks to be a sustainable and ethical company socially, economically and environmentally. In September 2011, the Board endorsed the ESA Environment Policy and agreed that an Environment Report will be published annually to provide a detailed public account of the work being undertaken by the company.

ESA Environment Report 2017-18

ESA Environment Report 2016-17

ESA Environment Report 2015–16

ESA Environment Report 2014–15

Reconciliation Action Plan

Our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) identifies actions for relationships, respect and opportunities that are specific to ESA and our sphere of influence. This Reflect RAP will enable us to focus on building relationships both internally and externally, raising awareness with our stakeholders and ensuring there is shared understanding and ownership of our RAP within the company. Development of our RAP has involved consultation with staff across ESA and with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stakeholders.


ESA recognises that reconciliation between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and other Australians is the responsibility of all Australians. This RAP is an acknowledgement of our responsibility, and our commitment, to be active in this space. Our RAP focuses on raising awareness of, and engaging with, reconciliation by building an environment based on mutual respect and trust between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and other Australians.

Download ESA's Reconciliation Action Plan