The Girls in STEM Toolkit (The GiST) is a new innovative toolkit funded by the Australian Government Department of Industry, Innovation, and Science, and developed by Education Services Australia.


What is The Girls in STEM Toolkit (The GiST)?

This toolkit aims to encourage girls to study and pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) and is packed with information, resources, activities and a career quiz to build girls’ confidence in STEM.

STEM skills play a vital role in careers of the future

The GiST focuses on addressing the under-representation of girls and women in STEM at school, university, and the workplace. It aims to build female students’ confidence around STEM subjects, and support teachers, as well as encouraging families to engage meaningfully with girls about pursuing careers in STEM. 

The GiST

Why is it important to encourage girls in STEM?

There’s a current gender imbalance in STEM. There is an increasing demand in STEM careers but a shortfall of students pursuing STEM-related studies. The imbalance will not change when half the population is not being supported to engage in STEM. Improving participation for women and girls in STEM fields is a key step in building an inclusive, diverse and innovative workforce.

STEM information for students

The GiST is packed with information for students, including:

As well as fun and informative material about STEM subjects, careers and opportunities.  

Free resources for teachers

Teachers and school leaders can inspire and encourage girls to feel confident and enthusiastic about STEM and to take advantage of the increasing number of STEM-related jobs and STEM-literate individuals in the workforce. The Schools section includes:

Support for families

The involvement of families, especially parents, in STEM learning experiences is invaluable in providing support for girls engaging in STEM experiences. The GiST Families section includes:


The Girls in STEM Toolkit

The GiST provides resources to inspire and inform girls, schools and families in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).

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STEM Careers Quiz

Students can take the GiST quiz to find out about STEM careers and information that might help with subject selection.

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