The Mathematics Hub is a central online space that supports Australian teachers to teach mathematics and numeracy in engaging and informative ways with the aim to improve learning outcomes for students. Education Services Australia was engaged by the Australian Government Department of Education to develop the site and to create and curate the resources.

The site offers targeted support for schools and families:

  • Year 1 Number Check for teachers to gauge the numeracy knowledge of Year 1 students
  • Professional learning opportunities
  • Practical strategies to assist teachers to analyse and respond to individual student’s numeracy needs
  • A Families section with advice, information and practical activities for supporting the development of their child’s learning at home


Mathematics Hub logoThe Mathematics Hub provides evidenced-based resources and professional learning for school leaders and teachers, and strategies and activities for families, to support the numeracy progress of children.
NumberCheck_logo_PrimaryThe Number Check is a quick and easy way for teachers to gauge the number knowledge of Year 1 students to support their progress.