myfuture assists young Australians with career planning, career pathways and work transitions. myfuture is the result of a collaborative project, supported by industry and governments at both federal and state levels. 

The service is used by nearly a million teachers and students in all states and territories of Australia, and there are more than 900,000 registered users. It also offers professional development to hundreds of careers practitioners and teachers every year.


Build a career profile, discover occupations, browse courses, explore case studies and career insights, and assist others to plan their career pathway and discover the world of work

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Product history

In 2002, the Australian Government contracted Education Services Australia to host, maintain and develop myfuture. The service was relaunched in October 2015 as a sustainable service model, deploying a user-centric design, with business and industry profiling and personalised career exploration tools and resources, to recognise the changing digital environment and address the future of work.

All aspects of the web-based service are managed by ESA: the core data flows, content and career development tool, professional learning and technical support, user engagement activities and regular updates of existing occupation and emerging occupation profiles, including vocational education profile descriptors and career pathways.

Regular updates continue to be made to the site based on user feedback, gathered through consultation with users in the form of usability testing and surveys, and under the direction of the national Strategic Reference Group, which is coordinated by the myfuture team to drive the development and continuous improvement of the service.