Scootle is the national digital repository, providing access to more than 20,000 resources aligned to the Australian Curriculum. Users can search for content based on the Australian Curriculum content descriptions, and can create learning paths to share content with students.

Resources are made available by Education Services Australia and other providers, including the Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment and numerous other providers of educational resources.

Scootle is supported by the Australian states and territories, and it enables schools to discover and access quality teaching and learning resources from the National Digital Learning Resources Network.

It was developed to give all Australian schools access to content developed by The Learning Federation, an initiative supported by the Australian and state and territory governments.


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A national repository that provides Australian schools with more than 20,000 digital resources aligned to the Australian Curriculum.

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Product history


ESA develops, manages and maintains the content accessible through Scootle, including development of interactive multimedia teaching and learning resources. ESA also plays a curatorial role, ensuring that content is accurately described and discoverable, and manages permissions and licensing for content that appears on the site.


ESA designed and built the Scootle portal specifically for Australian school audiences. This Java-based platform continues to be refined, adapting to changes in curriculum and user requirements. The platform is device responsive and accessible.