Learning Potential Resources encourages parents of primary school children to engage with their child’s learning at home. It offers more than 200 literacy and numeracy activities, including:

  • ‘Everyday ideas’, which show parents how to reinforce literacy and numeracy skills with their child in everyday life
  • ‘Practise together’ activities, which support parents to build on the literacy and numeracy skills their child is learning at school
  • ‘Practise online’ activities, including online games and videos that parents and children can do together to practise these same skills.

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Product history


Education Services Australia developed and curated the website’s teaching and learning activities, working closely with stakeholders to create approachable and engaging content for parents and children.


ESA developed the Learning Potential Resources platform, and also converted more than 80 learning interactives from Flash to HTML5. This made the interactives accessible on a range of mobile and assistive devices.